Udržujte si přehled o nových technologiích a nejlepších obchodních praktikách

New Horizons nabízí bezplatné vzdělávací webináře, které vám pomohou udržet si přehled v nejnovějších technologiích a nejlepších obchodních praktikách. Tyto online semináře vám poskytnou živě prezentace různých IT nebo obchodních témat. Přednášet vám budou vždy specialisté v dané oblasti s bohatými praktickými zkušenostmi.

Každá interaktivní přednáška vám umožní položit přednášejícímu otázky a získat odpovědi v reálném čase. Nemůžete se webináře zúčastnit v plánovaném termínu? New Horizons archivuje všechny webináře, abychom vám umožnili získat informace o tématu i později.

Žádné omezení

Můžete se přihlásit na libovolný počet webinářů v závislosti na vašich individuálních zájmech. Pokud máte známé, kteří by mohli mít prospěch z našich webinářů, přepošlete jim informaci o této bezplatné možnosti.

Nastávající webináře

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Demystifying storage types and use cases in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DATE:  08/04/2021

TIME:  9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Shawn Bolan, Technical Trainer at New Horizons of Nebraska

Attendees in this session will learn about the numerous types of storage technologies available to AWS customers.  The webinar will provide technical information to assist with the selection of the best type of storage for a particular use case.  The session will present several different real-world use cases to help clarify the technical capabilities and benefits of each storage technology.

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Tags: AWS

Transitioning from Subject Matter Expert to Organizational Catalyst

DATE:  08/10/2021

TIME:  9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Hanna Bauer, Center for Leadership and Development Facilitator, Executive Leadership Coach, Team John Maxwell Certified

What would you do if given the opportunity to bring about change in your organization? What difference in the marketplace would you help bring? As a subject matter expert, you have proven the skills necessary for your role and the performance to back it up. You respond well to requests as you get a front row glimpse of the upcoming needed change. There is a growing impatience with the status quo, that if leveraged can take you and your company to new levels. Mastering the upcoming demands will require out of the box thinking and your leadership skills to navigate them beyond your current reach. Will you be driven by change or be the driver of change?

In this webinar we will:
• Define and Identify Catalysts in your organization
• Explore Motivation and Inspiration in leadership
• Leverage your company's initiatives for business case and sustainability

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Tags: Career Development|Leadership and Professional Development

What’s New in Excel for Microsoft 365?

DATE:  08/25/2021

TIME:  9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Eric Satterfield, New Horizons Application Instructor

In the age of Microsoft 365, the Excel of today is very different from the Excel of yesteryear. With Microsoft releasing brand new features every few months, 365 users get to live a life of perpetual discovery, a life full of potential surprises that can be easily missed with a busy schedule. Over the course of this session, Eric will showcase some of the newest, niftiest, time-saving features to hit Excel 365 of which you may never have heard to help you start leveraging Excel to the fullest.

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Tags: Microsoft Office|Office 365